Sequoyah Landscaping offers a breadth of services to help you achieve your dream landscape. We have been designing and installing all aspects of outdoor landscape construction for over 20 years.

Our services include:

Landscape Design, including:

Landscape Renovation

Landscape Maintenance , including:

Our staff of fully qualified professionals will help you plan a design that matches your budget and gives you the landscape and look you’ve always wanted. It all starts with an individual, one on one consultation.

Landscape Design & Installation

Have you ever hesitated to proceed with your landscaping projects because you did not know where to start? Do you cringe at the thought of dealing with one contractor to plan your landscape, several others to install the various parts of the landscape, and yet another to do the follow-up maintenance? Sequoyah Landscaping can provide you the convenience of working with one company from start to finish.

The entire design process starts with a meeting at your property. We take note of your design preferences & aesthetic, the condition of property, and your budget. From there, we will make recommendations and begin to create your customized landscaping plan.

On the second meeting our landscape designer will provide you with a scale blueprint of your new landscape, pictures of the new plant material, pictures of similar landscape projects, and a thorough proposal that lists all of the material and products being used in the construction of your custom landscape plan.

When all the details have been agreed upon and you are completely happy with the design, a 50 percent deposit initiates the project into becoming a reality.

During the construction of your landscape you will immediately experience the quality and dedication of our crews in the following area:

  • The ability to keep a clean and safe job site
  • The orderly manner in which the work progresses
  • The attention to the smallest detail
  • The size and condition of our plant material
  • Our detailed check and adjusting of sprinkler systems
  • Our quality bed preparation

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