Form & Function

Form & Function

Style and Function
When undertaking a landscape design project, two important considerations are style and function. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Form follows function.”

The primary consideration for a landscaping project is style. What message should the property convey? Gardens should convey a “sense of place,” such as

  • A quiet, sacred space for reflection,
  • A regal, elegant space surrounding an estate,
  • An inviting space for picnics and play, or
  • A series of secret gardens to be discovered.

The function of a landscape is to enhance the way in which people will relate to the space. What practical goals do you wish to achieve with your landscape? Do you envision an outdoor patio for you and your family to enjoy? Do you seek to create a space for quiet and relaxation?

Sequoyah Landscaping can help you bring out the most with your home or business with:

  • Wildscaping
  • Cultivating Nature
  • Habitats for Animals
  • Feng Shui Landscaping

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