Drainage & Gutters

Drainage & Gutters

Proper drainage is essential to your entire property!

Improper drainage can result in plants being over watered, flooding and structure damage, mold, and mosquito problems. Our experienced professionals at Sequoyah Landscaping can evaluate the drainage flow of your property and recommend the best plan to keep your investments safe.

One common solution is the proper installation of new gutters. If your gutters, downspouts, or drainage systems are in disrepair, old, rusted, or not working, have us install 5″ and 6″ gutters as seen in the picture below.



FLO-FREE GUTTER GUARD – No more clogged gutters!!

If you’re tired of gutter cleaning, then we have the perfect solution for YOU!  The Flo-Free surface technology allows the maximum amount of rainwater to flow horizontally without product resistance through your gutter system. It’s truly the best gutter guard around, and our top recommendation for our customers!


Some beneficial features include:

  • UV Protection & Lifetime Warranty
  • Virtually invisible from the ground
  • Proven protection since 1989

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